Got my butt kicked…

Let me start by saying that I love knitting. I love it especially because the ability to make something with two sticks and some string eluded me for years. Many people tried to teach me, but until recently (less than a year ago), I just didn’t get it. Then one night, when I was incredibly bored and stuck in San Diego waiting for the girlies, I went to Michael’s and got some yarn and knitting needles, called my mom (she’s in Wisconsin, so there was no way to just pop in and request another tutorial), and asked her to explain “cast on” to me. In October, I knit a scarf as a Christmas gift for my aunt. Then I did a pair of mittens (they’re still not quite done). Then hats for the girls.

Then I got brave and bought the Habitat Hat pattern from Brooklyn Tweed (as an aside…this guy is amazing!!! I almost can’t stand going to his site because the stuff he knits is so incredible!). If you’ve not knit this yet, I highly recommend it. This was my first attempt at following a chart. OMG, I was so confused the first 3 times I started it!!! Then, all of a sudden like, it clicked. And let me tell you, as a very novice knitter I felt as though I was on par with… well, with my mom, my grandma, my aunts… all of the great artists in my family!! Full of confidence from just that one little hat, I moved on to more and more challenging projects, including a lace scarf from Victorian Lace Today – “Scarf with the No. 20 edging from “The Knitted Lace Pattern Book,” Thompson Bros., Kilmarnock, Scotland, 1850″.


Which brings me to this week. And my butt kicking.

First, winning for most times re-knit (all parts done at least twice) and longest on the needles, is my February Lady Sweater. (This woman’s is beautiful. Almost inspiring. Almost.) This was an exercise in how NOT to knit a sweater. Started March 16, I’d planned to have it finished by the time my family and I went to Wisconsin on April 7. This obviously didn’t work out, as it’s still not done. In fact, it has suffered a mind numbing setback, and I quite nearly decided to pull the whole thing out and knit a (very long) scarf. I initially bought just two skeins of Araucania Toconao just because I loved the color, then had to go back for four more because I decided it would be perfect for the February Lady Sweater, even though the swatch showed otherwise. After many false starts and do-overs, on Sunday evening I got to the point where I had only 2.5 rows left to go. And about 36″ of yarn. Can you believe I actually knit to the end of that 36″, hoping against all that is holy or reasonable that I would make it.  I didn’t. The next day, I saw that it was good that there wasn’t enough yarn, because I had very obvious stripes where I’d run out of three small leftover bits. I had one full skein (hank?) left, ready to go, but hadn’t used it because it was weirdly more saturated than all of the others. Last night, I pulled out the traitorous sleeve with grand plans to alternate my original (matching) yarn with the weird stuff. I didn’t get very far, because tomorrow is my day off and I’m going to go back to Two Sisters and Ewe to see if MAYBE they have a more compatible skein left. 

So, with that project on hold, I restarted (for the third time) the Hemlock Ring Blanket, again inspired by Brooklyn Tweed. I keep getting to about row 31 and lose a stitch. Are you surprised that I did the same thing this time? I’m not. Not even a little bit. I can’t stand the thought of doing those 10 rows of plain knitting again, so I’m going to tink it back and make copious use of my markers to prevent this from happening again.

Finally, we have the Rockin’ Sock Club socks. I didn’t join until mid-March, so I’m still on January’s mailing. My kits arrived while I was on vacation (and not working on my FLS), and I started them just as soon as I bought the right needles. And the book about doing two socks at once. And Cat Bordhi’s book on knitting socks on two needles. They’re very cool, but I think I made a mistake on the heel flap of one of them, and haven’t had the heart yet to tear it back. I’m afraid that if I do, I’ll find a mistake on the other heel flap, and will have to take yet another giant leap backwards.  

And so tonight I took some time off from knitting, got some laundry done, watched WALL-E with Max for the hundredth time (I love how excited he gets when he sees the space ship), and set up a cool new blog to record my frustrations on! Maybe tomorrow the knitting gods will smile upon me and hand over a matching skein of FLS yarn.

A girl can dream, can’t she?


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