Yesterday I returned to knitting on the Mable sweater. I sped through the right front, and by lunch time was ready to start on the left. I zipped right along until I was ready to start the decreases for the arm hole, and that’s when it happened. I looked at the lace pattern along the opening of the sweater and noticed it looked odd. There was an impressively straight line of stitches… unfortunately, right where the stitches should have looked like they were crossing each other on alternating rows. I looked hard and, I have to admit, accusingly, at the pattern, trying to figure out how the designer had missed something so obvious. Certainly, I hadn’t screwed something up (ha!). Oh yeah. Big time. The pattern is a very simple 4 row repeat, and the only difference between the two pattern rows is a “K1” at the beginning of one and not the other. 

Luckily I’ve seen pictures and read descriptions on the YarnHarlot‘s blog that describe how to back up and fix such errors. Unluckily, my error was at the beginning of the repeats, all the way at the bottom (on row ~13…I was on at least row 25), and affected the entire lace portion all the way up. I bravely went ahead and unraveled the offending portion, reassuring myself with the knowledge that the worst that could happen is that I’d have to start over, and since that was my only other option at this point I really had nothing to lose. 

It worked. But let me tell you, I’m such a bone-head that I actually had to undo the left side lace portion twice more before I finally got to the end. At that point, it was 1:00 am, and I still had to look up how to do a 3-needle bind off before I could move on.

I opted to go to sleep.

After a rough start this morning which involved waking up late, an early meeting, and forgetting my “big girl” shoes at home (I had to go through the entire day wearing a skirt and yellow Converse), I went to eat my lunch at the beach and bind off the body of the sweater. The left side, in an obvious attempt to make up for torturing me yesterday, went together beautifully. Now, this may have been a bad idea, but I bound off stitches from the left until I was halfway across the back. Then I started in from the right in an attempt to make the edge look, if not the same, at least symmetrical. After reaching the midpoint again, I slipped those two remaining stitches onto a holder and proudly held up my little sweater. 

And realized I’d bound off on the right side with the wrong sides held together.


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