When we last saw Amy

 she was sitting on her bed, admiring the many lovely skeins of yarn that had arrived via UPS. Tempted though she was to immediately start a project (a shawl for the lovely Miss Alex? a Latvian mitten? ), she knew she must finish the socks that she had already on the needles. 

“The socks are lovely too,” she thought. “I really would like to wear them to knit night next Thursday.  Dare I hope to knit that many rounds in just a week?”

She consulted the project sheet she’d made up for the socks, listing the total number of rows, the corresponding chart row, and which general section (leg, heel, gusset, foot) that row fell in. “Totally doable!” she quipped – to herself though, fearing the wrath of the knitting gods. She dutifully re-bagged the yarn and set it in the basket next to her bed.

This was obviously a mistake, as the yarn taunted her. “C’mon,” it said in a very sassy voice. “Just cast on the shawl. It’s six stitches – SIX!! How can that hurt? You know you can stop any time.”

“Well,” thought Amy, “that’s true. I’ll just do the cast on. Maybe the first row or two to make sure I understand the pattern. Then it’s back to the socks for me.”

Amy did more than just the first few rounds, but by Friday evening she was back at the socks. Saturday morning dawned and Amy consulted her project sheet.

“I really want to try those Latvian Mittens. I am intrigued by the braid at the cuff, and can’t wait to try my hand at knitting more than one color at a time. Alas, I don’t have any size 0 needles. I’ll go to the yarn store – after I’m done with the lovely socks – and pick some up. But wait! Today is Saturday. The yarn store is closed on Sunday and Monday. That means I’ll have to wait until Wednesday to go and get those needles. Surely I’ll be finished with the socks well before then. I know. I’ll go to the yarn store and get the needles today. I promise to myself that I will go in, nab the needles, and not even glance at any of the yarn. I won’t even sit down. Just the needles, ma’am. Then I will return home to work on those socks.”

She did, in fact, make a quick and painless trip to the yarn store, keeping true to her oath not to let her eyes wander to all the wonderful yarns that were there. Upon returning home, she set her needles and her socks down on the couch next to her. She picked up the socks, but couldn’t tear her thoughts away from the toothpick sized needles laying beside her. What will it be like to knit with something so delicate? Maybe just one row…

socks…compare to Thursday evening’s post, and you can see there’s been a bit of progress…

 here is 13 rows of chart 108 from “Latvian Mittens” by Lizbeth Upitis (with a bit of creative interpretation due to a combination of my inablitiy to either count properly or read a chart)

and my greatest transgression, about 37 rows of shawl

The next installment will have to wait until sometime on Monday, as tomorrow has been declared a knitting holiday.

Wait! before you get all excited, this means that due to the fact that my house has somehow exploded around me (read above and you’ll understand why) I will not be knitting at all tomorrow. Someone knit for me, please? I’ll live vicariously through you…


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