I have such happy feet

Oi, it has been a very long day. I was up before everyone else, mostly because I was done sleeping, but also because I was finally so close to being done with the Rogue Roses socks that I just had to work on them.

Yesterday, I had to separate my two at a time socks due to a major error 24 rows back on one of them. There is no way I could just let it go…it was too obvious and I want to love these socks without regret. Therefore, this morning I was going to finish the un-screwed up sock, then go to work on the one that was causing me much angst.

I finished all of the knitting on sock A (as I’ve taken to calling it), and practically ran to get my computer to look up “Kitchner Stitch”. “Practically” ran because it was still way to early to expend that much energy. Directions on screen, I cut my yarn leaving a generous tail with which to graft, and eagerly thread my darning needle. It took two full attempts (as in, I worked all the way across, realized it looked just bad – there really is no other word for it – and I pulled it out and did it again), but when I looked at the toe of my very first finished sock, I am not ashamed to say it looked GOOD. You couldn’t even tell where the grafting stitches were. I turned my very first finished sock inside out, tucked in the end, and snipped that string. I turned it right side out (or inside in, whichever you prefer), and admired the clever graft again. I was proud. 

Well.  We all know what pride goeth before.

I gently pulled my very first finished sock, kitchner stitch and all, onto my foot and admired it. For about 0.00005 seconds. Then I realized I’d made a grievous error. An error that makes twisting stitches look almost understandable, if one takes into account that I learned over the phone and have not been knitting that long. No, this error was way worse than that.

I’d forgotten to realign the toe stitches. My loverly graft ran from the bottom of my middle toe to the top of it.

You see, when I was doing the two socks at once thing, I had the sock divided on my two circular needles with the gusset stitchs in the middle of each (needle, that is). One needle had the left side, from heel to top, and the other needle had the left side (If this is something you can’t even imagine, send me an e-mail or leave a comment. I’ll send you a drawing).

I’d stopped consulting the book I was using as a reference for knitting two socks at once, so confident was I that I understood the construction of a sock.

So…it would appear that I missed the part where you have to rearrange the toe stitches. Oops. 

Do you remember what I said earlier? That I’d promptly woven in the ends and snipped off the extra yarn? Wow.

Well, cut to about 13 hours (not all knitting, I promise you) later, and look at what I’ve got!!

How cool are those?


One thought on “I have such happy feet

  1. Alex says:

    proof positive that hard work and patience renders warm and happy feet!

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