A new baby sweater for a new baby

I’m making another baby sweater. This one is for a brand-spanking new, not even out of the package baby. This time, I’m making the Hooded Jacket from Debbie Bliss’ Simply Baby, but with a few twists.

First, I wanted to make something that a brand new baby could wear. This was an issue because I could not find a pattern for a newborn. This problem was easily solved by using thinner yarn (Lorna’s Laces Sport in Huron rather than an Aran weight yarn) and smaller needles (size 3 rather than 8). I cast on exactly as requested and followed the directions in regard to the decreases as Ms. Bliss requested. Because I don’t have access to any newborns, I procured some newborn onesies and have been using one of them to base my measurements off.


What do you think? Long enough? Or should it go down to the leg holes?

Anyway, after establishing that I didn’t need to recalculate the entire endeavor, I was ready to start on the left front piece (that’s the back laying under the onesie). This brings me to my second issue. While the Hooded Sweater is quite nice as written, it is a little plain. So, rather than follow the directions, I paged through the book to find another pattern with some interest to it. I opted to use the cable layout from the Cable Blanket from the same book, but with skinnier cables (if I hadn’t made that alteration, the entire front would have been consumed by the cable). I added 5 extra stitches to the front cast on because I’ve read in several places that cables pull the fabric in, and I didn’t want the poor baby’s brand new belly poking out. It’s a little hard to see, but here it is:

To keep track of what I was supposed to be doing, I made a chart in Microsoft Excel and used conditional formatting to color the cells based on whether I’d put a “p” or “k” in them so I would know just by glancing at my computer screen what I was supposed to be doing. I must say, it worked pretty well. To make the chart for the right front of the sweater, I referenced my original cells, but in reverse order (Z was A, Y was B, X was C, etc.). I’ll finish the left front either tonight or tomorrow morning, then attach the right front. Then I’m on to the sleeves! This is what the whole front (well, half of the whole front) looks like right now…

In other news…

I got pictures of Danielle in her sweater!  Isn’t she just the cutest??

Please join me in wishing Danielle and her family much happiness and congratulations.


One thought on “A new baby sweater for a new baby

  1. Alex says:

    awesome photos!

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