It’s Max’s Fault

The reason I’ve not posted anything since the 10th of June is because Max the Great attacks me every time I take out my computer. He was here just a few seconds ago, laying on the bed next to me, with his face hovering above the keyboard and in front of the screen. It was most cute, but not exactly conducive to getting anything written.

Max the Great (aka Maximus Minimus Peanuticus Ambulus Rex, Max, King of the Little Walking Peanuts, or Max, Little King of the Walking Peanuts…my Latin skills are most lacking) getting up close and personal with the MacBook

Since finishing Cassandra’s baby sweater (which, by the way, was a hit. I’m glad she liked it!), I’ve been working on Jojo’s shawl. It was originally started on the 23rd of May, but at knit night, when I picked it up again, I realized I’d totally forgotten where I was and had to rip it back to the beginning. I’m now on row 117, which means there are (117*3)+6=357 stitches in this row, and increasing by 2 every other row. I have 80 rows left. Which means, on my last row, I’ll have 437 stitches. Zoinks! 

Spider’s-web shawls (half hexagon) from Victorian Lace Today (pg. 44) in Sweet Potato (KnitPicks Palette)

My sanity project, when the purling gets to be too, too much, is the latest installment of the Rockin’ Sock Club. This is an uber-fun pattern!! 

This time I’m doing one sock at a time on two circular needles (a la Cat Bordhi), and I have to admit that I like this method better than doing two at once. It’s much faster than using DPNs (but that could be the pattern), and the yarn doesn’t get into a twisted mess like it did when I did two at once. What you see above is about two days worth of knitting. That’s really impressive, considering I’m a rather pokey knitter. 

I’m trying my best to limit myself to these two projects, switching off when a single row of the shawl gets to be too, too much. But I offer no guarantees.


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