Update: Focus Restored

Ha! I’ll bet you thought the orange shawl had been forever abandoned. Well, I have refocused and am making steady progress. Here are some photos of the shawl, taken just moments ago…

Miles and miles and miles of orange...

Miles and miles (or so it seems to me) of orange…

I can only spread out one panel at a time, otherwise the rest of it will fall off the needles.

I have to admit that this afternoon, as I was sitting outside Starbucks racing to finish the row I was on before Sami finished her Kempo lesson, with Jojo cheering me on, I was a little chilly. So when I did finish the row (not before Sami finished her lesson, but before she returned with her lovely beverage), I tried it on. Even though this yarn is thin, and the fabric is holey, this is a toasty little shawl! I’d never understood the appeal of a shawl.  Until today.

I may need to make one for myself…although not any time soon. I need to do some little projects.


2 thoughts on “Update: Focus Restored

  1. Джамиль says:

    Спасибо, пост вправду толково нописан е по делу, есть что почерпнуть.

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