My Reading Skills

My focus may have returned, but apparently I still can’t read directions. I thought I had to do 3 repeats of chart C (12 rows each) to finish the shawl. But I had to do the first one, then do it 4 more times. That, my friends, equals 5 repeats. I don’t think I have enough yarn. 

Hey…wait a minute. The other day I said I was on row 117, and I had 80 rows left to do. Row 117 is the last row of chart B. So, theoretically I was only counting the rows that I had to do to satisfy the repeats in chart C. Which means that I actually OVERestimated what I had left to do. It would appear that only within the last day or so have I been deluding myself.

What does that tell you about the effects this shawl is having on my mental state. Ok, back to my hell, whose name is “shawl”.


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