Moving on

You know, pulling that sweater apart was actually kind of therapeutic. Every time I glimpsed the yarn in my closet, stuffed into its ziploc bag, I’d get a little knot in my stomach. I’d done a lot of work on it, but it was wrong. I wanted something that would make me happy when I wore it, proud of the good job I’d done. And with the stitches all twisted, I knew I’d wear it and wonder if it would have looked nicer done properly.

And now that I’ve finished the yoke, the right way, I can say that it does make me happy. The resulting material is smoother, and the yarn overs show up much more obviously.

The big picture

I’m very excited to be moving on to the body. I’ll show you what I accomplished during Max’s nap today, tomorrow.

Oh, and to the lovely knit night ladies, I had a great time last night! I hope you enjoy my blog!


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