In addition to my February Lady, I have several other projects currently in the works. First, of course, is the orange monster shawl for Jojo (my daughter). No photo of this is necessary, as it hasn’t progressed since my last post about it. Next are my Rockin’ Socks from May. These also require no photo. They’re hanging out in limbo with the shawl.

Finally, we have the Whisper Cardigan from the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits. I don’t have the guts to “slurp” the photo from their page, as I don’t want to get smacked for violating copyrights. I’m doing mine in yellow malabrigo lace, and it is really quite a lovely yarn to work with. It’s soft and hasn’t made me swear yet (which is a very good sign). Here is a picture of mine. I’m still going round and round on the sleeve,

but that’s because I’ve been distracted…

Compare with yesterday’s post…28 hours later, and I’m well into the body.

I couldn’t possibly have skipped a close up. Here is the “Gull Lace” pattern of the body

According to the time stamps on my pictures, that’s a 28 hour difference. I knit 20 rows (5 repeats of the lace). But just so you don’t think me a total slacker, keep in mind that in that time I had to sleep (6 hours), eat (2 hours – we went out), hang out with Max the Great (10 hours – he only took a 20 minute nap), and do some basic housekeeping (3 hours). Which leaves me with 7 hours for 20 rows. I know it’s not taking me 20 minutes per row, so it would appear that my time-accounting isn’t totally accurate. Anyway, my progress has been steady, if slow, and I’m really liking how it’s turning out. I’m really glad that I started it over – and no, I’m not just trying to talk myself into believing that.

In other news, I got this from John at Village Spinning and Weaving regarding my new wheel and when I will (likely) get it:

” ship docked over weekend and US Customs has OK’d the shipment. The dockworkers are unloading and dispatching the large containers. . .  Louet North America hopes to have theirs Thursday (today) and will be shipping backorders as goods come out of the container – they anticipate the shipping to start Friday but some may not be able to be shipped until Monday. . .”

It would appear, based on the information on my account page at his online store, that mine has not yet been shipped. I’m currently looking forward to seeing my wheel by the 20th of July. It may come earlier, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. I’d just like to take this opportunity to say that John has been the epitome of patience when it came to handling all of my questions and requests for updates. I know I must be driving him crazy, but I hope he can understand that I’m really just that excited. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth saying again. While the service and products offered via the online store is exceptional, you really should go to the actual Village Spinning and Weaving store in Solvang, CA. If you live pretty far away, don’t fear!! After you’ve spent several hours and a pocket or two full of money in John’s store, you can

wander around the charming little village,

eat some great Danish food,

take pictures of the beautiful flowers

and charming alleys,

and just sit and appreciate the lovely weather and gorgeous landscape. (I find it amusing that even though I spent a lot of time in the store, the only photo I have of it is the fern that was planted outside).


2 thoughts on “Softly

  1. bea says:

    aw those are such pretty pictures! and you are doing a beautiful job. if i’m as talented as you are in a year then i’ll consider it a miracle.


  2. Valerie says:

    The love the February lady yarn. Beautiful colours

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