Movin’ Right Along

Last night, I made very little progress on the February Lady, due to the disturbingly messy state of my house. I booted my husband and Sir Max out for a few hours after it cooled down and power cleaned the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. As a reward for my very grown-up attitude and ability to concentrate on housework for three hours straight, today I knit. I knit a lot. I’m not going to count the rows again, as it’s kind of depressing to realize that, for all the knitting I thought I did, I only finished four rows. I am, however, going to show you what my progress looks like:

It now reaches the bottom of my rib cage…I’m half done!  Yay!

Although I’m very excited about the quick progress I’m making on this sweater, I long to work on something else. And it’s not like I don’t have other stuff to do. I think I’ll take the Whisper Cardigan to work with me and leave it there to knit on during my teleconferences. And as soon as I post this, I’m off to KnitPicks to order the last two balls of yarn for Jojo’s shawl (I’m kind of embarrassed that I haven’t done that yet. I’ve been waiting to see if there’s anything else I need from them. But my conscience won’t allow me to buy any more yarn until I’ve finished a few projects).

Well, I’m off to bed! Have a good Monday!!


4 thoughts on “Movin’ Right Along

  1. Valerie says:

    It’s looking great!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love your blog! I admire your desire for a challenge!

    • knittingknewbie says:

      Thank you Sharon! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. The only problem is going to be coming up with stories for knit night that you haven’t already read!!

  3. Laura says:

    Hi Amy, I’m Sharon’s friend from Zurich. She sent me your link. I can’t believe you can do this. It looks very complicated and I would certainly never be able to do it. Congratulation on your accomplishments this is really amazing. All the best. Laura

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