We interrupt the knitting…

…of the February Lady Sweater to bring you hours of sewing on a costume for ComicCon (for Sami, not me) in a 100+ degree kitchen allllllll day Sunday and after dinner Monday, and I’m still not done. I got to the point where I needed to pin the zipper into the back of the shirt at Midnight. Since it’s been years since I last sewed a zipper in, I felt that embarking on this particular adventure whilst tired and feeling more than a little gross because of the heat in the middle of the night was ill advised. So I turned off my sewing machine, unplugged the iron, and took my bath.

I’d meant to take a photo of the kitchen table where I’m doing my very best impersonation of a seamstress, but after I’d finished bathing, it was 1:00am, and I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. Hence, no pictures of her outfit. I do have it with me today, buy it’s all the way in the car, and I’m not, so tough.

I do, however, have a picture of the February Lady Sweater, with her half-a-sleeve.

February Lady Sweater, as of this morning. I have about 25 more rows to do before I even consider trying it on to check the sleeve length (I decided to do full-length sleeves).

The past two nights, as I was sewing away, pricking my fingers on pins (and swearing) the whole time, I longed to knit on her. But Sami is hard to refuse, and I’d feel really badly if her costume only made it to being “nearly finished” by Sunday. I told her that someday, when she becomes an angst-filled teenager, she may attempt to claim that I’ve never loved her. When that day comes, I will remind her of this project and the extreme heat that coincided with it’s making. Not to make her feel guilty. Just to give her proof.


One thought on “We interrupt the knitting…

  1. Valerie says:

    Can wait to see pics!
    My childhood is filled of fond memories of my mom at her sewing machine, sewing me dresses, jumpers, blouses and the like… always accompanied with a lot of cursing and emanating a general aura of frustration… by the time I was 13, I learned to stop asking her to sew me stuff, and just stuck with knitted articles… she’s a much happier knitter

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