The Endless Sleeve

You know, I’ve never claimed to be great at math. My estimating skills, likewise, leave a lot to be desired.

Yesterday, I tried on my sweater and measured the space left between where the knitting stopped and where my wrist is. I came up with about 6.5 inches. I measured how long each pattern repeat was (1.25 inches), and did the math. According to my calculations, I had 25 rows left. I knit 10 rows during lunch, then 5 more during a break. This morning I knit 10 more, and tried my sweater on, wondering if I’d have to rip any out due to going too far.

It’s still only halfway down my forearm!! What the….?

Well, if I’d bothered to compare my math plus the number of repeats I’d already done on the sleeve with the number of repeats I’d done for the body, I’d have realized that I was WAY off. With my math, I’d end up with ~23 repeats in the sleeve. The body has 19 repeats. My arms are about 1.5x the length of my torso. That just doesn’t add up.

So, here I am, a day before the knit night where I’d planned to debut my not only finished but washed and blocked sweater, with a sleeve and a quarter still to go.

The yarn I needed to finish Jojo’s shawl arrived on Monday, but I’m still working on Sami’s costume (still stymied by the zipper).

My wheel is still in North Salt Lake City, UT, according to the FedEx tracking website. I’m hopeful that this is because it’s still en route there from New York, rather than that it’s been sitting there since Saturday, forlorn and forgotten. Tomorrow is the big day (theoretically) . I wouldn’t be able to stand it if I didn’t have a gazillion other things that needed to be done.

Today my editor was Max, who contributed by smacking the keys on the right side of my keyboard, sometimes adding a bunch of “\”, sometimes deleting a whole chunk of text. So, if any of my sentences change topic midway, it was due to Max’s fine editing skills.


2 thoughts on “The Endless Sleeve

  1. Valerie says:

    I did something similar with a shrug I’m designing. I knit the first sleeve no problem, then I put it down for a while. I picked it up again a few months later, and startedon the second sleeve.. I finished all my decreasing as my pattern notes indicated and figured I only had about three inches more to knit… then I tried it on… it was at my elbow and way too tight… yeah I decreased every fifth row, instead of working five rows and decreasing every SIXTH row, as my pattern notes indicated.. I was so depressed because I was SOOO close to finishing it, that I put it down and haven’t picked it back up…

  2. Kathy says:

    Knitting would be SO much better if it didn’t have the evil of math involved. That’s why I like making socks for myself. Just keep trying them on until they’re right.

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