So many things

In celebration of “no more orange,” I’ve been busily fondling yarns of many colors and casting on projects. My favorite so far is the Latvian Mitten (chart 108 from Lizbeth Upitis’ “Latvian Mittens” book). I’m working for the first time with size 0 needles.  It’s like knitting with toothpicks! Here they are so far:

Back Cuff

Back of hand pattern

Palm pattern

I decided to make the Rivulet Scarf for my uncle for Christmas in Wool of the Andes in Cranberry from Knit Picks. This scarf features reversible (i.e., looks good from either side) cables, and the method they use is so simple you’ll smack your forehead for not thinking of it yourself.

This yarn is great – nice and thick, smooshy, and most economically priced at $1.99 for 110 yards. The only drawback is that it is only packaged in these little 110 yard (50 gram) skeins. It would be nice to be able to get them in bigger chunks for larger projects…there’s nothing worse than weaving in 80 gazillion ends. Although, there is a way around it.

So, now that I’ve let it out that my Christmas knitting has already begun, I guess I should show you my other two projects (still in their pre-cast, although wound, states):

These are two skeins of JitterBug sock yarn, the top one is “Jay”, the bottom one is “Mardi Gras”. These will soon (or at least sometime in the next 4 months) become socks for two of the people whose names I got for Christmas. Here are some closeups:

JitterBug yarn in “Mardi Gras”

JitterBug Yarn in “Jay”

Doesn’t the Mardi Gras yarn look like fun? I haven’t yet decided which sock patterns to use, so if you have any suggestions, toss them my way!

These two skeins of yarn were purchased at Clever Knits in Vista, California. Max and I went on an adventure to find the store, and were very very happy that we did. They’ve only been open a month, and although it seems like they don’t have a lot of yarn out yet, the yarn they have is incredible. There were only a few types that I’ve encountered in other stores, whether because they (the other stores) didn’t carry them or because they (the other stores) had soooooo much inventory that these cool yarns couldn’t be found by just browsing.  The other really cool thing about this store are the hours. They’re open from noon until 8:00 pm, which means there’s finally somewhere to buy nice yarn after work. Yay!! I highly, HIGHLY recommend stopping by if you’re anywhere near Vista.

K, Max just woke up from his nap, so I’m back to chasing him! Have a great day!


One thought on “So many things

  1. Sharon M says:

    Thanks for asking, Amy!
    I see “Mardi Gras” as a massive Christmas Stocking, creatively rolled over with a big cuff and a thick loop, for hanging.
    Your mittens are an absolute work of ART. I so hope to land on your “oh, how I LOVE to make Latvian mittens” list!!

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