Such Fun

After I received my spinning wheel, I spent a couple of days spinning, spinning. I was having a blast, trying out different ways of drafting the fiber, working with different fibers, and changing the settings on my wheel. But then I had to get back to reality and finish a costume for ComiCon for Sami, and refocus my efforts on finishing Jojo’s shawl.

Well, the costume was finished with nearly 24 hours to spare, and the shawl of doom has been completed. I’ve even taken it to knit night to show it to my friends. I’ve cast on a variety of new projects to keep me both busy and interested. And I’ve returned to my wheel.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I’d purchased a merino-Tussah silk blended top‘ (from The Black Sheep in Encinitas), and I finally started spinning it. It’s very easy to spin, and I really like the color(s).

But the colors, although lovely, are a little darker than I was hoping for. So yesterday I went to The Daily Fiber Yarn Co. in Murietta, CA, and picked up seven ounces of baby alpaca top in a silvery color.

As easy as the merino-silk blend was to spin, the baby alpaca is hard. I’m not sure if it’s slipperier or just fluffier, but the fibers drift apart constantly, and I’m having to treadle very slowly in order to draft it properly. My plan is to ply the the merino-silk with the baby alpaca in an effort to tone down the reddish-pinkness of the former. Please, if anyone reading this feels that this is a big mistake (mixing the fibers while plying), please let me know. It seems like a good idea to me, but by now you all know that my good ideas don’t always pan out.

In knitting news, I’m still working on the Latvian mittens, although there hasn’t been enough progress that you’d notice it in a photo. But I do have the scarf I’m working on for my uncle’s Christmas gift. I changed patterns (again), and now I’m using the Irish Walking Scarf, altered to be reversible.

Front of Scarf

Back of Scarf

To make it reversible, I doubled the number of stitches for the cables (originally it was 6, now it’s 12) and knit them in 1×1 rib (k1, p1). The back doesn’t look exactly like the front, but it looks better than it would have if done according to the original directions. I’m still using the Wool of the Andes from KnitPicks, and the scarf is wonderfully smooshy. What you see in the photos is how far I got with the first skein of yarn. It’s about 8 inches long, and I have 5 skeins left – I may need to order more, but this is my usual MO, so I’m not terribly surprised.

Alex went to the desert today with his brother and soon to be brother in law, so I don’t anticipate much getting done today (because I’m hanging out with Max). But during the negotiations for his adventure, I arranged to get tomorrow to myself, so I should make up some serious time.


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