Busy, busy, busy

This week has been crazy busy. I had a bunch of stuff to take care of at work, and the girlies were here so I had to shuttle them from hither to yon, I attended a new knit night out in Vista at Clever Knits, and Max was especially energetic (translation: he wouldn’t go to bed until very, VERY late). All of these events conspired to make writing a blog entry nearly impossible.

However, today is my day. Max is playing, the girls are upstairs (either sleeping or playing on their computers, I can’t tell), so I have time to sit and type.

Here is what I’ve been knitting on this week:

The Irish Hiking Scarf is up to about 3.5 feet in length, and I have 2.5 skeins of yarn left. I find it amusing, in an ironic sort of way, how quickly the first skeins of a scarf knit up and then at the halfway mark progress slows, no matter how much time I dedicate to it. In this photo you can see the front pattern (on the left) and the back pattern (obviously on the right). I really like this pattern, and the resulting “material” is thick and plush. A perfect Wisconsin scarf!

As I said earlier, I’ve also been spinning. Mostly I’ve been trying to get my technique consistently right. I’ve been pretty hit-and-miss with it up to this point. It seems like my singles are too tight, and my plying is even more too tight, so what I end up with is a big squiggly mess. I knit up a swatch of the pink-and-grey yarn I was spinning earlier in the week.

I’m not thrilled with the result as far as the colors go, but the resulting “material” is super soft and smooth. I’m thinking a skinny scarf in a lacy pattern would be ideal, but I’m still debating.

Finally, my friend Sharon asked about the sheep in the picture at the top-right of the page.

Those are some stitch markers I made out of Fimo clay. The funny thing about them is that they glow in the dark. When I bought the clay I grabbed glow in the dark white rather than plain white. I could say that this is a feature, except that it totally freaked me out when I noticed a bunch of little green dots sitting on my kitchen table in the middle of the night. I know… they’re sheep from San Onofre!


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