That’s a lot of string

Yesterday my goal was to clean out “my” corner of the bedroom. In this corner was a TV stand that was the current home for our printer and a bunch of books; a large gray plastic container that was responsible for holding blankets that we’re currently not using, and which was stacked high with stuff that I’d moved out of other rooms and never quite put all the way away; and a laundry basket filled with yarn, wool, and half (or not quite half, or even nearly) finished knitting projects. My vision is for this to be so completely cleared out that I could put a chair and lamp here and use it as a space to sit and knit or read comfortably.

My first task was to address the basket of knitting/spinning. This is what I ended up with (and what inspired the title of this post):

Featured here are several bags of wool for spinning, my wandering vines scarf, my FLS and all of the leftover yarn associated with it, the Rockin’ Socks club socks from May, bits left over from the two baby sweaters I knit earlier in the year, and the last two skeins of yarn that are destined to become part of the Irish Hiking Scarf. The Irish Hiking Scarf was absent from this photo shoot because it was hanging out in the kitchen from the photo shoot yesterday.

After looking at all of this, I calmly put the all of this stuff back into the basket and closed the bedroom door.

Maybe I’ll get my dream corner later in the week. It’s just not in the cards for today.


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