Too hot to breathe

It’s 102 degrees here in Escondido. And I’m baking a cake. This means that the temperature inside my house is closer to 200 degrees. I could bake another cake by just setting in on the kitchen table.

It’s too hot to knit, but last night (when it was a little cooler) I started the bindoff for the the Hemlock Ring Blanket. Let me tell you, this bindoff is not for the faint of heart. It involves doing three little rows involving four stitches at a time from the actual blanket. I worked on it for two hours last night and a couple more this morning (before my house turned into a microwave), and I’m still only half done. Tomorrow is Max’s birthday and birthday party (which is why I’m baking), so I guess I won’t be blocking the blanket until Sunday.

I’ll toss a photo of the blanket on this post after I get Max out of the tub (he’s there for heat, not dirt, abatement).


One thought on “Too hot to breathe

  1. Valerie says:

    It was ridiculously hot here for several weeks, but now it’s cooled right down. I’m sitting here in a sweater right now

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