Still hot

It’s still hot, but that hasn’t actually stopped me from making progress.

Here is what I did this morning:

Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed), in Schoppel-Wolle Baby Alpaka naturbelassen

That’s the Hemlock Ring Blanket, all washed and pinned out on my bed. I think it’s lovely, and I can’t wait to pass it to its recipient on Christmas. I hope he likes it!

While that’s drying (which, due to the extreme heat and lack of humidity should take about 10 minutes) I’ve moved my computer, knitting bag, and myself into a comfy chair at Barnes & Noble to suck up some free air conditioning.


3 thoughts on “Still hot

  1. Sharon M says:

    I think your projects should not be used. They are works of art and suitable for framing.
    Yesterday, the bank temp sign (2:00) told us it was 114F in the pearl of east county aka SANTEE. Today has cooled considerably, outside shade temp, claims 105F at 3:25.
    It’s so HOT that I get a stomachache just looking at your lovely knits.
    PS will look again in SEPT, when it starts to cool.

  2. Valerie says:

    It turned out beautifully! I envy the recipiant

  3. Sharon says:

    It’s beautiful, just like everything you knit!! We missed you at knit nite!! Can’t wait to show you my scarf that I took out a GAZILLION times!!

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