Summer Knitting

In deference to my good friend Sharon’s protest regarding the viewing of woolie projects during periods of extreme heat, I’ve been indulging in some lightweight knitting. Although my latest project weighs barely more than a feather, it is rather slow going. Here is 24 rows of lace using malabrigo Polar Morn:

Even after 24 rows, it’s so little you can just barely see the pattern. The best thing about this particular bit of lace is that every row is knit, and every row is patterned, so it’s not boring. It did present a problem, however, at the very onset. I cast on 7 times, each time realizing after two rows that I’d miscounted and had 114, or 112, or 116 stitches rather than the 113 that I actually needed. This last time I actually had one extra, but figured out a way to remove it and retain most of my sanity and a tiny bit of my dignity.

I realize now that I should have set a coin on top of this bit of knitting to show just how little it is. That’s just going to have to wait though. My camera’s batteries are dead, and there will be no more photography happening tonight.


3 thoughts on “Summer Knitting

  1. Valerie says:

    I t looks very pretty so far!

  2. Sharon M says:

    Small bits are acceptable when the mercury climbs to 111F.
    I love the creams and whites.
    PS I may be, um chilly and … kissing up, come January, and you will justifiably throw all this in my face.

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