I would really love to be knitting on any of my many projects right now, but instead, I’m sitting here with Max (in his Superman jammies) watching “Curious George” (Max’s commentary is actually more entertaining than the movie) because I am totally, utterly, completely tired. I have to go in to work early tomorrow, so I think that I’m going to go to sleep.

As an experiment, let’s do this.

What should I focus on tomorrow?

1. Fascine Braid Socks

2. Lace Scarf

3. February Lady Sweater

4. Latvian Mittens

Vote as often as you like via the comments.


2 thoughts on “so….tired

  1. Valerie says:

    I’d go for February Lady since it looks like you’re so close to being done!

  2. […] you’d find a story filled with great triumphs and great failures, as well as items which were started with incredible zeal, only to never be written about […]

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