My Goals for Saturday

Today (Saturday), Alex and his mom & sisters and some others and Max are going to go see the air show at MCAS Miramar. They’re planning to leave at 7:45 (which translates to sometime around 8:30 or 9:00) in the morning, and if it’s anything like last year, they’ll be gone until well into the evening. Jojo and Sami are at their dad’s house this weekend. This means that I have my annual “Day Alone,” and if I don’t have a plan, I know I won’t get anything done.


Ok, I was just sitting on the couch, basking in the near-cleanliness of my home, when I realized what a crap post this was. So, I’m coming back to tell you something interesting, rather than how I’m going to do my housework.

I went to see “The Invention of Lying” this afternoon. What a great movie! I haven’t been to a movie at the theater in a very long time, and so I’m particularly glad I chose to see this one.

I’ve done a bit of spinning. I had to toss a sizable chunk of it into the trash because I was spinning thread rather than yarn. But my spindle is nearly full, and aside from the little hairs all over me, I’m really enjoying working with the baby alpaca.

Yesterday, I purchased 8 oz of wool… although to be honest, I don’t know what kind, or whether it’s top or sliver. But it is a very beautiful creamy-white, and ever so soft, and it only cost around $13 (with tax). Quite a bargain!!

I’m rather chagrined to admit that the only actual knitting I’ve done is on a scarf I’m making with the two skeins of handspun that I featured yesterday (not the gray; the darker stuff). I’m knitting it lengthwise, and doing one row with one skein, then a row with the other. I’m cutting the yarn at the end of each row and tying knots to make fringe. This way I don’t have to purl. It’s making a rather lumpy fabric, but I like the colors. There isn’t much yarn, so it will likely be a long, skinny scarf – not good for anything more than decoration, really.

Right this minute, I’m going to go get that velcro so I can finish my yarn chest. I’ll post a photo of it tomorrow.


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