Christmas Knitting Update

Here’s the latest tally on my Christmas knitting.

The first pair of little socks is done. The second sock of the second pair is started, and I’m about halfway down the leg. That leaves me with 4.5 socks left to do before November 30th (my self-imposed “Mail Gifts to Wisconsin” date). I figure that it will take me about a week to do each of the big socks that are left, which works out just about perfectly. I have about a week of fudge time, just in case, but I’m hoping not to need it.

I’ll post a photo of the socks that are finished as soon as I find where Sami has put my camera.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting Update

  1. Sharon M says:

    Awaiting another update. I absolutely LOVE the new scarves you’ve been doing. You have really expounded upon knitting basics. You are now a real PRO! I’m so proud of your creativity & drive, Amooose! :o)

  2. I am new to knitting and just started learning two weeks ago. Aside from it being addictive for an OCD like myself, it is productive. Your husband and I are FB friends (I forgot how we met!) but he just linked to your blog after I posted my status. (My real name isn’t Tea N. Crumpet– ask about his friend in Alaska who is learning to knit! LOL) I tip my hat to him– I enjoy your blog and thank you for sharing your passion!

    I was learning to drop spindle a couple of months ago, but my house burned down. For now, in my rental home, I am content to knit!

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