I apologize

I know. I’ve been a slacker, but I swear it’s only in the blogging department that I’ve been lagging. The biggest drain on my time has been… you guessed it… knitting. I’m working hard to finish the knitting that’s destined for Wisconsin before Christmas, and I think that if I can keep focused and not be distracted by every sweater, mitten, and yes, I admit it, scarf that I see in a book or being worn by someone, I might just make my November 28th deadline. As it stands right this minute, I have 3 socks left to knit, and one of them is already cast on.

This is the first Fascine Braid sock, done in Jitterbug sock yarn, colorway “Vincent’s Apron”. Doesn’t it look like a sock that Midas got hold of? I originally did this pattern using white malabrigo, but the yarn was too thin for the size 2 needles I had available, so that yarn has been set aside for some as yet undetermined project (although it won’t be started until I’m done with the rest of my Christmas knitting).

Here are the little boy (he’s actually 9, and may actually object to being referred to as a “little boy”) socks I’ve alluded to. The blue-green (Jitterbug “Jay”, I think) pair is based on the YarnHarlot’s plain sock recipe, with the stitch count adjusted to accommodate a smaller leg. The red (Jitterbug “Mardi Gras”) pair is based on the same pattern, but with ribs, and a funky no-cable-needle, knit through back loop, twisty thing going on with the knit ribs.

I’ve gotta tell you, I love Jitterbug for its squishy softness. I do not, however, like Jitterbug very much for the frustratingly inconsistent dye job. The skeins are significantly duller at one end than the other, guaranteeing not-even-close-to-matching socks.

After the Wisconsin knitting is done, I have a whole herd of projects that I’m looking forward to doing. Some I’ve played with a bit already, some I’ve just been eyeing from afar. The thing is, after Christmas the birthday season begins, so I’m going to need to keep my eye on those dates as well. Plus, I still owe my mom her birthday/Christmas present, which I now fear will have to be combined with Valentine’s Day and possibly Mother’s Day as well.

But mom, I promise, it’s really cool, and you’ll totally appreciate the delay once it’s done. I swear.


One thought on “I apologize

  1. Valerie says:

    Those are all great socks!

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