Gotta Go!

Oh, tonight was busy. I made the dessert for Alex to take to the potluck tomorrow; I made grilled ham & cheese sandwiches for dinner; I made it to knit night, especially to wish Karen a Happy Birthday, give her the card that Sami made for her for me (that makes more sense, somehow, when I say it out loud), and pick up some yarn for my next project (Bird in Hand mittens); then I made it home before Max was ready for bed – we played cars/blocks/dinosaurs/what-animal-is-this-and-what-sound-does-it-make and put the alphabet puzzle together. Then I snuggled him to sleep, which wasn’t even a challenge. And I just finished spending an hour looking at knitting patterns online (I should have been knitting that stupid lovely second sock).

But now I’m tired.  So I’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to finish the aforementioned sock.

Then, and only then, do I get to start on the mittens. I’m blackmailing myself.


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