Completion Anxiety

The second Fascine Braid sock is nearly done. I have 4 pattern rows left to do, then I’ll shape the toe. This is where I stopped last night at 6:00, when, while sitting at Borders waiting for the girls, I set my knitting aside to surf through Ravelry a bit and check up on some things on Facebook.

This is worth noting, because it won’t take me more than 30 minutes to finish what’s left of this sock. And I had at least 45 minutes left before Jojo & Sami got to the bookstore. I could have been done with these socks, and ready to start the mittens this morning with a clear conscience. But instead, I surfed the web.

Even now, I have 30 minutes before I have to leave for work, and rather than knitting, I’m writing a post. Procrastination is a strange and wonderful thing, don’t you think?

I’ve come up with two possible reasons for my completion anxiety. First, the mittens that are next on my list are stranded colorwork, and although I’ve done a bit of it before, I’m not very efficient at it. It could be fear of not being able to finish this last Christmas gift that has me stuck on finishing the second-to-last one. Second, there is this:

This is the sock. Do you see that little squiggly pile of yarn on the left? That’s all the yarn I have left to finish this lovely pair of socks. I was having flashbacks to my first attempt at the February Lady Sweater, where I knit late into the night, only to run out of yarn when I was just rows short of completion. I think I might have an “episode” if it happens again. Last night, however, I found a lovely person who has some of this very yarn in her stash, and she’s willing to part with a skein. Now I just need to figure out if I need it.

I guess I know what I’ll be doing during my lunch break.


4 thoughts on “Completion Anxiety

  1. helena says:

    oh noes! you seriously need only a few yards? i will GIVE you that from my stash for free. i’m bringing a ball to the shop today and i will wind a bit off it for you!

    • knittingknewbie says:

      Wait! Don’t do anything yet! I’ve STILL not finished with the yarn I have left, and I’d hate to defile your stash for naught! You’re lovely and kind to offer, but I still wouldn’t mind buying it from you.

      • helena says:

        well! i will bring the skein in today. come by if you need it, and if you don’t, then hoorah!

      • knittingknewbie says:


        Ok, I’ve knit to the end of my yarn and still have 9 rows left. I think I need about 3-4 yards. The problem is I don’t get home this evening until quite late, and won’t be able to make it in to the store until tomorrow. I’ll leave it up to you if you would like to give me enough to finish, or if you’d prefer I purchase the skein. Thanks again, so much, for rescuing this project!

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