Nothing to fear but fear itself

If you were following along in the comments yesterday, you probably know that I didn’t finish the Fascine Braid Socks, but I did finish the yarn. You also know that the lovely Miss Helena has offered up a bit of her stash to allow me to finish the nine remaining rows. I figured that not being able to work on a project due to unavailability of resources (I was in San Diego, Helena is in Vista, so I couldn’t get to the rescue yarn) was a good enough reason to start in on the next project – the Bird in Hand mittens by Kate Gilbert.

I’ve only done a little bit of stranded colorwork, mostly because I have a hard time deciding the best way to hold the two strands of yarn. I also have a bit of an issue with my tension when carrying the non-working yarn across the back. But these mittens are so cool, I’m determined to overcome my limitations in order to claim them as a finished project.

I started them last night while waiting for Sami (who is now a Purple Belt in Kempo) to finish with her class and private lesson. I worked on them some more when we got home. And here is where I finally stopped at 12:00am (the pattern is so engrossing I didn’t realize how late it was):

If you look closely at the middle panel, you’ll see that I’m still having tension issues. And those braids? Holy cow! It may be because I was knitting too tightly, but those braids were a pain in the butt. I’m seriously considering calling this attempt a swatch, and making some adjustments when I start fresh.

  1. I’ll use the braids from my Latvian Mittens book. They’re way easier to do, and I think they look cooler.
  2. I’ll get some larger needles. Right now, I’m working with size 2 needles and Cascade 220 yarn. But maybe I just need to loosen up a bit. We’ll see.

I’m also not sure I like where the thumb gusset is. The Latvian Mitten patterns have the thumb just coming out of the palm of the mitten, and I really like the way it looks. This pattern has the thumb poking out from the side which, to be honest, is what a thumb does. I just don’t think it looks as graceful and streamlined. I guess you’ll find out some time tomorrow what I decided to do.

Well, CleverKnits doesn’t open until noon, the washing machine just chimed, so I’m going to go be responsible – at least until noon or so. See ya later!


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