Look! Two in a row!

I wrote another blog post while hanging out in the tub tonight, but when I re-read it, I realized it was mostly just random rambling and didn’t really have anything to do with anything. So I’m composing this post off the cuff, which probably means I’ll just stop in the middle of a story and you’ll never know how it ends. If I do that, go ahead and make up an ending that you like, one that fits your mood. If it’s particularly good, leave it in the comments. We’ll be interactive for this evening.

Tonight was knit night at Clever Knits, and after feeding my lovely little family I set off to make some progress on my mittens whilst enjoying the company of the crowd at the yarn store.  After two rounds, I found a mistake that I must have made as soon as I pulled my knitting out of my bag. Had it not been 5 stitches knit in red when they should have been done in white, I probably would have just left it. But it was glaringly wrong. So I had to tink back (what a PITA!), fix it, and revisit those two rounds. I  stayed for a little over an hour, and finished about 15 rounds. I think I have about 40 rows left, and I’m hoping to finish this mitten tomorrow between Max’s nap and waiting for the girls at the bookstore.

Of course, now that I’m nearly, but not totally, done with this last Christmas project, the yarn that Helena ordered for me to make the Girasol afghan with came in. I picked it up this evening, but resisted having any of the hanks wound into balls in order to maintain my focus on finishing the second mitten. I also got a pattern for a really lovely, straightforward cardigan that I want to make. To squelch any chances of “just casting on” (which inevitably leads to “just a row or two”, then “oh, I’ll just do the back”), I left knit night without (hardly) a glance at the wall o’ yarn to pick just the right ones to use.

I’ll return to the second mitten in the morning, and have it finished before I go to bed tomorrow night. Until then, let me show off the first mitten, which has been done for several days – I just keep forgetting to show it off to you.


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