Christmas Knitting – Check!

I am finished with my Christmas knitting (man, it feels good to say that!).

Today, I found an appropriate box for sending gifts back to Wisconsin and packed it up. Amazingly, everything fit (I’m never this lucky). The only two gifts that aren’t in there yet are my aunt’s mittens, because they’re drying right now, and my dad’s cool present. I’d show it to you, but on the off chance that he decides to check the blog, I’d ruin the surprise. So I’ll take a picture and post it post-Christmas.

The reason the mittens are drying right now is because I totally put off sewing the wings, beaks, and legs onto the thumbs. I finally bit the bullet after breakfast and finished them off. I’m so relieved, because I’ve been knitting on another project and feeling guilty the whole time because I wasn’t done with the mittens.

And here they are.

Bird in Hand Mittens by Kate Gilbert

By the way, I knit these with Cascade 220, both the red and the white, and when I washed them, they didn’t bleed at all. Hooray for reliable red yarn! Hooray for being done with all my gifts! Hooray for Pokoyo! Hasta la proxima!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting – Check!

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations! I wish I was done mine! Great mitts, I love the thumb!

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