Olympic Knitting Part 2

Yesterday morning I told my husband, “I have to finish the back of this sweater today in order for there to be any chance at all of finishing on time.” And he, being the greatest husband ever, proceeded to take Max to get his hair cut and to visit his sister, leaving me alone to knit all through the morning. And knit I did. I finished two more repeats of the cable by the time he got home.

Then we went to lunch, since much like the Yarn Harlot, I’ve not yet found a way to overcome the need for food. We ate at an Indian buffet – it was lovely – and then he & Max went to the electronics store to explore & I walked over to the coffee shop to get some more caffeine and knit. I finished another cable by the time he returned to pick me up, and we went back home.

I settled myself into the rocking chair and started knitting some more. I was making great progress, and the end of the back was in sight. I only had 10 rows left before the arm hole shaping. But Max thought it would be fun to use me as a jungle gym, which is usually OK, except that I was on a cable crossing row, and I was afraid he’d get poked with my cable needle, or pull on my arm while the stitches were just barely balanced at the end of my needles. Alex suggested I go to the bookstore – and I took him up on it.

About an hour later, after several mistakes and interruptions, I was ready to decrease for the armholes, I executed this maneuver without incident, and then came to several horrible conclusions. First, although I could have stayed at the bookstore knitting for quite a while longer, it was almost 6:00, and I’d promised to make Alex & Max dinner. And I still had to do about five more inches of knitting before I could bind off the back. Oops. I forgot that Sami’s arms, although thin, aren’t only a 1/2 inch  in diameter.

So I went home and took care of my motherly/wifely duties – I even did the dishes after we’d finished – and returned to my knitting. I made it through one more cable, and was so tired that I couldn’t go on. I think I have about 20 rows to go before I can stop, which is easily doable, especially since that means only one more cable.

I didn’t finish yesterday as I’d planned, so my chance at Knitting Olympic Gold is looking pretty slim, but Alex totally gets the Gold for “Greatest Husband EVER”. Thank you honey!

Olympic Sweater – 20 rows left on the back


One thought on “Olympic Knitting Part 2

  1. It’s coming along great! Even if you don’t finish in time, you will end up with a great FO in the end.

    And isn’t it lovely to rediscover that you have a prize-winning husband? It just makes everything in life seem much better.

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