The Back is Done!

Yay! The back of Sami’s sweater is FINALLY done. I am soooo happy. Here it is, in all of it’s finished glory:

Please note the wondrous absence of knitting needles/yarn still attached to ball in this photo.

Upon binding off the final stitch, I sat down to figure out how many stitches I had left to do in the fronts/sleeves in order to plan out the next five days of my life in relation to the Knitting Olympics. Boy, do I have to work on my math! I calculated the number of repeats x the number of stitches in each section, and came up with about 1800 stitches to completion. Dude! That’s totally doable!

Yeah, until you take into account that every pattern repeat has 20 rows. That’s 36,000 stitches. In 5 days. That’s 7200 stitches per day. I’ve been averaging about 1,820 stitches per hour with this pattern. At that rate, it will take me about 20 hours. So, 4 hours per day. I’m thinking no one gets to eat anything, nor will they have clean clothing or dishes, until next Monday. I don’t think that’s asking too much, do you?


5 thoughts on “The Back is Done!

  1. Sharon says:

    Amy, we miss you at knitting club so much!! Hopefully you can stop by sometime, everyone talks about our “expert knitter”! Hope you are doing well, your projects are so beautiful!

  2. Mom says:

    Hi Amy, I think your sweater looks beautiful. I like your cables. Mom

  3. nightrider36 says:

    You got “Gold” in my book. 😀

  4. Stephanie says:

    The torch went out at about 9:30 or 10:00 Toronto time…. which means you made it, doesn’t it?

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