Max’s New Socks

Well, I finished Max’s socks yesterday afternoon, just in time for him to wear them to the bookstore to meet up with Alex. I took advantage of the fact that Max was sitting in his highchair, eating Cheerios, to sockify his little feet, and even though he was confined, he still fought me tooth and nail. I finally got them on him, and released him from the chair, and he took off running.

And quickly discovered that these new socks are SUPER slippery! He slid halfway across the living room and fell on his butt, giggling like a loon. I fished my camera out of my knitting bag so I could get a picture of the finished product, but he refused to stand sill long enough for me to get a photo. I took 12 pictures, all of them either blurry or featuring my hand gripping his little leg in an attempt to hold him still.

I finally had to give up and wrangle him into his shoes so we could leave. By the time we got to the bookstore, he was sound asleep (I think the sock sliding wrung the last of the energy from his body), and I was able to get these:

I should have made them a little longer, but these will do for now.


One thought on “Max’s New Socks

  1. Valerie says:

    There is something just so adorable about wee feet!

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