Socks, Revisited

Yesterday, after I’d unpinned my Annis and showed it to you all, Max and I sort of goofed off for the rest of the day. We visited Karen at Clever Knits, we had lunch, we painted… Well, Max painted, and I stood at the ready with a damp cloth to wipe up spills. No discernible housework was done, nor was any knitting.

When my lovely husband came home, we made preparations to go out to dinner. It is our habit to retire to the bookstore down the street for coffee after we’ve had our fish & chips and/or curry, and as I was getting ready to go out I realized I had nothing to knit  on if we followed our usual modis operandi. I quickly threw open my yarn chest (after moving all the crap I have stacked on top of it onto the bed) and located some sock yarn. I have several pair of socks that need to be knit as Christmas gifts, and more than several skeins of yarn that will work well in this endeavor, so finding my materials wasn’t much of a challenge.

The challenge came in deciding which socks to knit. I was initially calmed by the fact that, since we were going to the bookstore I’d be able to find a pattern without much fuss. Then I happened to glance over at the table where my knitting books are stored. I have two sock books already, and all of the patterns from last year’s Rockin’ Sock Club. There was really no need to buy more.

From my well stocked binder of RSC patterns I pulled the “Rogue Roses” pattern. This happens to be the only one I’ve actually finished so far, and I love these socks. So I’m knitting them again, using Trekking XXL (color 326 – how creative) and size 2 needles. I have one more pattern repeat to go before I start the heel of the first sock, and I’m very excited about how they’re progressing thus far.

I just need to keep my momentum going, and I’ll have my holiday knitting finished in no time!!


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