Summer Vacation

Once school lets out for summer vacation, my schedule changes drastically. Gone are the hours I had to spend at the library while waiting for the girls to finish whatever activity they were involved in. And with this library time goes my constant access to novels (I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoy quick, formula-type stories the best. It nearly guarantees that I’ll return my books on time). This, in turn, means that I have nothing to read while I take my bath.

Generally speaking this works out to my advantage, because with nothing to read my bath goes much more quickly, which leads to a marked increase in family/knitting time.

This morning, however, I wanted to take a relaxing bath. So I went on a hunt for a book on my bookshelf to read. Somehow, most of the books we now own are reference books – and a frightening percentage of these are on the topic of lawn/garden/home improvement. Not exactly what I was in the mood for. So I turned next to my collection of knitting books. There I found just what I was looking for: “Knitting Rules” by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.

I don’t remember anymore whether I bought this book for myself or if someone got it for me as a gift. But I do know that besides being a great reference for determining fiber type or weight, it is also sprinkled thru with little quips and stories that I enjoy reading over and over.

Even though I can’t recall how I came to own this book, I do remember that the first time I read it I was new to the craft. I couldn’t imagine having “stash management” issues. I had only purchased wool yarn, and only if I knew what I was going to do with it, so I didn’t understand “lost ball band” problem. I’d never received yarn as a gift or souvenir. I only knit at Starbucks as a way to pass the time while I waited for someone to finish something.

As I read this morning, I could see the changes I’ve experienced in the past two years. I had to purchase a wicker chest from Ikea in order to have a place to store my growing collection of yarn and accoutrements. I have yarn that I bought because I thought the color or texture was lovely, and which is now sitting, still in hank form, waiting to be something. My daughter recently went to the East Coast on her 8th grade trip, and brought me yarn from the Plymouth Colony as a gift. I envy my mom, as she lives in Wisconsin and they have an impressive array of fiber/knitting events and festivals available throughout the year. I now knit at Starbucks, and at the bookstore, and at the pub, and at Knit Night, and… well, pretty much, I knit anywhere that I have more than five minutes to sit (I believe that one night at Red Lobster we actually got seated more quickly because I pulled out my knitting. Suddenly, the 15 minute wait vanished and we were at a table in the corner with water and biscuits to keep my hands busy and away from the yarn. Maybe knitting needles make the lobsters nervous?).

I think that the point of this particular post is to thank all of the wonderful people I’ve met via knitting for their time and patience and advice and companionship, and to say that even though I’m still relatively new to knitting, I’m totally dedicated to lining my home with wool and outfitting everyone I know in a gansey knit from yarn I spin myself.


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