Christmas Socks (part 1) – done!

As I sit here and write, the Rogue Roses socks – the first pair of completed Christmas 2010 socks – are soaking in a tepid bath of Euclan. I made Sami wait for me to finish grafting the toe of sock #2 before we left San Diego to come home this afternoon, and as soon as I got into the house, I wove in the ends. Soon (in fact, before I publish this post) they will be stretched out on my new sock blockers, relaxing in a cool evening breeze, prior to being folded and set aside in my gift stash.

(and here they are…)

The problem with these being done is I’m now faced with what to do next. I have several scarves I’d like to make (one of them is in Cashmere – yum!), and several more pair of socks to do. I also want to make some mittens, if only because they’re just as much fun as socks, but without the pesky heel.

In addition to all of these new things, I also have my Eastlake sweater waiting to be finished (just the yoke and sleeves, then the making up), and some Pumpkin (aka Penelope) projects that I haven’t quite gotten done. Oh, and there’s the lovely lace scarf that I started last year <blush> and have been putting off because the pattern is at an awkward part where the edge repeats aren’t shown right next to the center repeats, and I haven’t had the wherewithal to suck it into the computer and rectify this really quite surmountable issue.

So, what to do, what to do? Any suggestions?


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