Colorful Ravens

Since there were no suggestions as a result of my last post, I took matters into my own hands and have cast on several new projects. The first is the mittens from the Frost Tapestry pattern set (by Robin Melanson on Twist Collective), but while the black alpaca yarn (Alpaca with a Twist, left over from the Alpaka Tunic) I have is lovely, I think the cream (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, left over from the  Willoughby scarf) may be a bit thin, so I’m waiting to go to the yarn shop and see if they have something more compatible.

So, with that project put quickly on hold, I started another pair of Christmas socks, again digging into my Rockin’ Sock Club pattern stash and picking Raven Swirl Socks by Cookie A, a pattern I’ve yet to even attempt. I paired the pattern (which originally came with yarn called “Blackbird”, a very dark colorway) with another skein of Trekking XXL in colors that remind me of rainbow sherbet.

The thing is, the lace panels (on the left and right of the ribs in the photo above) are supposed to twist down the leg from the cuff to the heel. But mine aren’t twisting. The ribs are moving, but the lace is perfectly stationary. I’ve read the directions 6+ times (which shows how dedicated I am to not ripping these back), and I can’t find where, or indeed if, I’m screwing up.

Please, please, for the love of all things woolly, leave me a comment if you’ve knit these socks and can attest to the fact that this is how they look before the heel is turned and gusset is installed.



3 thoughts on “Colorful Ravens

  1. helena says:

    i do not know, but i am LOVING how they are sort of striping up.

  2. Malin says:

    Sorry, can´t help you but the yarn is lovely!

  3. […] Tapestry mittens pattern that I purchased from Twist Collective. I’d already started them once, but had to stop due to yarn compatibility issues. A quick trip to The Black Sheep in Encinitas […]

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