I promise I’ll stop counting now. I just wanted to acknowledge that I’ve moved on from that first milestone, and will be working hard toward reaching the next one.

And speaking of working hard, remember the Springtime Bandit scarf/shawl I was working on in the last post? Well, true to form, by the end of the third body repeat, the rows were so long they were making me a little crazy, and I no longer felt the same level of love for this pattern. It’s so disheartening for the last few rows to take as long to knit as the first 40.

But last night I finished it. I bound off the first half at Penny Lane while the girls were having dinner, then had to stop because they were singing silly shark songs (complete with hand movements), and I have a difficult time being with weird people in public (not just weird family; weird anyone… heck, if the stranger at the table next to us is too strange, it makes me uncomfortable to the point where I want to go home) so we came home. I finished the bind-off, and this is what it looked like fresh off the needles:

And then I blocked it. But somehow, my triangle shawl managed to have 4 points. I took no photos of this, as I am rather embarrassed that I did such a crappy job. This morning, I re-blocked it, and this is what I ended up with:

Springtime Bandit using O-Wool Legacy DK in lovely green. Knit with size 8 needles.

Much, much better. I still don’t know about knitting it again because I wasn’t really fond of the way the shaping was done. But I do really, really love how it turned out.

Now I have to go knit some second-socks. See you later!


2 thoughts on “#101

  1. Aunt Ruthie says:

    This is just beautiful Amy, what a talent!

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