Well, that didn’t take long

I think I sat and contemplated what project to work on next for all of about 10 minutes. There was really ever only one that was calling my name, and that was the Frost Tapestry mittens pattern that I purchased from Twist Collective. I’d already started them once, but had to stop due to yarn compatibility issues. A quick trip to The Black Sheep in Encinitas corrected the problem, and I cast on for them twice this morning.

The first part of the stranded pattern has the floats crossing over half of the stitches, from the front of the mitten to the back. I really enjoy doing stranded color work, and I’ve gotten a lot better since my first few attempts, but I’m still not very proficient at securing the floats. But there was an article in the Winter 2010 Knitting Traditions magazine about intarsia in the round on a small area of a project (in their case, socks) that described a method I thought would solve my problems. And it did!! Once the pattern moved to a more all over sort of stitch dispersal, I switched back to the way I usually knit stranded patterns.

It’s funny how quickly the projects that I do that involve multiple colors progress. I think that, like many knitters, I’m sufficiently charmed by the changing yarn that I don’t notice time passing. And so, due to this weird effect, I managed to finish nearly a whole mitten today! See?

Frost Tapestry Mitten in Alpaca with a Twist (Black) and Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (White)

I still have to add the thumb and sew the hem, but there  wasn’t enough light left to do either this evening, especially with the black yarn. Besides, I think that finishing a “mitten body” in a single day is pretty dang good.


One thought on “Well, that didn’t take long

  1. Malin says:

    Your mittens are very nice!
    Time flies when you have to think about changing colour or technique. Yes black is a bit booring to knit for a long time, tiring for the eyes.

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