A little break from knitting

Yesterday evening I started yet another pair of socks; well, I started the first sock. I’m knitting it in Trekking 6 Fach, which is a lovely thick sock yarn. The first pattern I chose didn’t work out so well, due to the lovely thickness. So I admitted defeat and moved on to a pattern that called for thick yarn (and size 4 needles). Needless to say I’m making good time on this pattern, which translates to, “I should really work on something else instead of finishing this.”

And so, this afternoon when Alex took Max to his mom & dad’s for dinner and a nice visit, I stayed home and returned to spinning the yarn I’ve promised to my mom when (or maybe if) I ever finish it. I moved my wheel and one of the kitchen chairs out to the patio, grabbed my coffee, and did this:

While I was outside, I observed and appreciated my lovely husband’s ever improving gardening prowess, as evidenced by this…

That’s right! We have flowers.

In our garden.

In August.

In most places, this would be fairly unremarkable. But the last time we had any rain was in April (7 centimeters). Flowers in August is impressive – just take my word for it.


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