C’mon out, Penny!

Last night I finished turning this

into this

Cable and Lace Cardigan, Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn, Size 0 Needles, and a crazy amount of time

That’s a dime sitting in the neckline for size comparison, because I’ve never completed a project on size 0 needles and will likely never attempt it again. The stitches are lovely, if I do say so myself, but holy crap! Those needles are TINY!!

Now that Penny has a hat and a sweater, she can come any time. I’m in the midst of my 37th week, and her movements have become less fluttery and more mean. It seems she has some sort of particular beef with my bladder and my lungs/rib cage, as that’s where the majority of her kicks seem to be aimed. Also (and Alex is very amused by this), she spends a lot of time just pushing OUT with her little elbows/knees/feet, so I look like I have some sort of stomach-centered alien infestation. Amusing to look at, not so much to experience.

Max is still a little confused by Penny. He says hi to her, and blows raspberries on my belly for her, but the other day he said, “My Penny hurts,” and pointed to his stomach. I told him that he didn’t have a Penny, but he disagreed. I tried explaining that Penny is a baby who is in my belly for now, and he said, “No baby in belly!” and stomped away, apparently offended that I thought he could be fooled so easily. Oh well, I guess reality will catch up with him by the end of the month.

We had a bit more summer early on this week (temperatures in the high 90s), but it’s gone back to close to normal now. In fact, on Thursday, we had thunderstorms (a rarity here in coastal-ish Southern California). I was enthralled to the point of pulling into a parking lot so I could just stop and enjoy the sound of the rain and thunder and the light show as well without endangering myself or others. I’m happy to say I was joined there by many other San Diegans (mostly because that means that I’m at least no weirder than the rest of the community).

Alex took Max to the Air Show at Mirimar MCAS this morning, which would usually mean that I’m getting caught up on my house work. But not this year. I have a few chores to address, but then I’m just going to chill and enjoy the quiet.

Have a lovely weekend!


One thought on “C’mon out, Penny!

  1. Valerie says:

    Beautiful little sweater. She’ll be so stylish when she makes her debut!

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