…it’s been a while, hasn’t it. Allow me to catch you up with what’s been going on in my little house, and share some photos along the way.

First, Miss Penelope Aryanna made her appearance on the 25th of October at 9:52 pm in a rather dramatic way (you can read about it here, courtesy of her really cool dad). I was actually scheduled to go in to the hospital the next day for induction, but Penny decided au natural was the best way to go. If her entrance into the world is any indication, she’s going to be an interesting teenager (very “my way or the highway” sort of personality). Penny wore her pumpkin hat, lovely sweater, and new socks home from the hospital, and was oooo’d and aaaaa’d at by all who passed us by.

Even Max thinks she’s cool…

During Penny’s first two weeks here, I started a Christmas gift scarf six or seven times before finally settling on a pattern I liked. However, due to her insane eating habits and tendency to be awake for most of the day, I’ve only finished about 15″ of it. This is not the only gift knitting I have left to do. Oh no. Not even close. I have the second Turkish sock to knit, one mitten plus a thumb to finish, and two little pair of mittens that I’ve not even picked a pattern for  yet. Yikes!! And by my calculations, I have about 3 weeks to finish all of them.

Last week my mom & dad came out to meet Miss P and to spend some time with the rest of our monkeys. It was a lovely visit, even though we mostly hung out at the house and just talked and goofed off (honestly, this was perfect… very relaxing and wonderful). Max helped dad out in the yard, Penny maxed out her Grandma-spoiling opportunities, and Jojo and Sami had a day off from school, which they spent designing Christmas cards with my mom.

Well, Miss P and Max have executed a perfectly synchronized wake-up, and my coffee cup is empty. I will be back.


2 thoughts on “Wow…

  1. Malin says:

    Congratulations to your little Penny!

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