Making some progress

I think I’ve finally figured out a way to make some progress on my Christmas knitting. I can knit on the scarf (which is a single color) while I hold onto Penny, and I work on the mittens (which are two colors) during her little mini-naps. My goal is to finish 10 rows on the mittens and 10 repeats on the scarf each day. So far, this seems to be working out. Here are the mittens after two days of knitting:

Even though I’ve made some progress on the scarf, it looks pretty much the same (only longer) as the last photo of it, so I’ll spare you.

Now, an update on my trip to Julian to visit the yarn store there. I have it on good authority that the store is cool, and that they have really neat stuff in there, but that’s all I can tell you. When I got to Julian, I found that many of the shops and restaurants are closed on Tuesdays, and some are closed on Mondays as well. This is very unfortunate, as the entire town is super busy on the weekends and I try to avoid going there on Saturday and Sunday, and shepherding a three year old through the stores while carrying an infant (which is how I’d have to do it on Wednesdays or Fridays) is just too overwhelming to think about. Which leaves me with Thursday. Thursday is do-able, but not this week. I couldn’t justify two trips up the mountain in a single week, and next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so it looks like the very last thing I’ll be doing on my maternity leave is checking out that store (my leave ends on 3 December).

Finally, for anyone coming to the blog for updates on Penny rather than my knitting, she’s doing great. She slept from 9:00 pm until 5:30 this morning, which means that I got my first full night’s sleep in several months. I feel wonderful and ready to play – and knit – my Friday away. The girls are off next week for Thanksgiving, and my sister-in-law is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so I just have to whip up a few very simple items to share rather than stressing over the house and the turkey and the pies (oh, my!).

I hope you have a lovely day.


2 thoughts on “Making some progress

  1. jac says:

    Beautiful work.

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