Kind of Cheating

Yay! I finished a Christmas project today! But, I kind of feel like I cheated with this one. Yes, it needed to be done. But, really?

Little Kid Mittens, based on this pattern, using Fiesta Boomerang in Clematis colorway.

Next up is a slightly larger pair, in this lovely yarn…

Fiesta Boomerang, Riviera colorway

I feel like I’m cheating, because these mittens took less than a day each to make, and I should really be finishing some of my other Christmas gifts. However, the mittens are gifts, and just as important as the other items. I think that what I really needed was to work on a project that I could finish both quickly and well in order to abolish the air of procrastination which has permeated both my knitting and my blogging as of late.

Here is the updated Christmas Knitting List:

  1. Thumb for second mitten
  2. Scarf (60% done)
  3. Second Turkish Sock (still not even started)
  4. Two One little kid gifts (I’m making mittens, and I’ll purchase them a toy… they’re really little, and should have toys as well as mittens)

My goal for tomorrow is to finish the second pair of little kid mittens, and do 10 pattern repeats on the scarf. I’ll let you know how that goes!


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