The end is in sight…

You know, blogging would be much easier if I could just sit down and write. My problem is I don’t think about doing it until I’m the only adult in a house full of little kids. Ok, so two little kids doesn’t quite fill my house, but they certainly fill my day!

I was going to tell you about how the mittens I mentioned in my last couple of posts didn’t quite make me happy, due to the non-stretchy cast on I’d used. And how, after Helena recommended using a tubular cast on, I re-knit them. And how the resulting cast on edge, while being nice and stretchy, didn’t look quite right, but I didn’t realize this until I was half done with the second mitten and running out of time to finish my Christmas knitting, so I just let it go. And how, when I started the second pair, I actually looked up “tubular cast on” online, rather than using the directions I had for a cardigan that had the same cast on, and found out that I’d used directions for knitting flat (no purls) instead of directions for knitting in the round (I used a combination of directions, found here and here). The second pair of mittens has a more correct edge, although I sort of like how the first pair looks.

Screwed up tubular cast on

Proper tubular cast on

I was also going to tell you about staying up until almost 2:00am working on the blue scarf, because I was so close to being finished and all of the children were in bed so I could actually concentrate. And how, once finished, the scarf was only five feet long, which is fine for a California scarf (where warmth is secondary to looking cool), but falls short for a Wisconsin scarf (where it will be wrapped multiple times around the wearers neck to trap as much warm air as possible, and make the wearer look like they might have whiplash).

And I was going to beg someone – anyone – to explain to me how to pick up stitches for a mitten thumb properly, because I started the second thumb for the Ruba’iyat Mittens five or six times, each time either making or imagining a different mistake.

But it has taken me so long to sit down at my computer and do more than just jot down random, poorly strung together thoughts that I don’t remember exactly what I was trying to say. So instead, I leave you with this. Only one sock left to go, and my Christmas knitting will be complete.

Finished projects, drying after a wash.


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