Welcome, 2011!

On New Year’s Day every year my mom & dad host a lunch for our entire family, and every year I call and the phone is passed around so I can talk to aunts and cousins (my uncles don’t talk much so they tend to pass on participating in this tradition) that I don’t get to speak with very often. Today I made it through all of the aunts, and two of my cousin’s children (Kaylie and Aubrey, three times each…I think they were hoping to find someone else on the other end of the phone line when they returned). From their reports, it seems my Wisconsin family had a great year, with the exception of one aunt who went from three pets, to none for several months, to two new kittens which arrived around Thanksgiving.

Of the aunts I spoke with, my aunt Cindy was the last, and in addition to commiserating with me about the vast number of “works in progress” that are hiding around our houses, shared with me how she succeeds with her New Year’s resolutions: she waits until January 2 to make them. That way, she says, her resolutions last longer than most people’s, as they abandon them before the sun sets on the first of the year.

And so, I will wait until tomorrow to share my resolutions with you.

I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year’s Eve and Day!


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