I’ve taken my aunt’s suggestion regarding the New Year’s Resolutions a step further: I made mine yesterday (listed here in no particular order).

Resolution Number 1: I will spin for 20 minutes every day, in an effort to become a proficient maker of yarn;

Resolution Number 2: I will write 200 words every day, not counting boring documents at work. These words should be written to this blog, but I think goofy comments on Facebook should count (sometimes, I’m actually funny on Facebook);

Resolution Number 3: When my family wants to talk or otherwise interact with me, I will put my knitting down, even if I’m in the middle of a row. However, I will be allowed to finish crossing a cable if I happen to be in the middle of one;

Resolution Number 4: Prior to honoring Resolutions 1 and/or 2, I will do the dishes and make sure the day’s laundry is done;

Resolution Number 5: I will learn why playing with Matchbox cars is fun so I can have more vehicle-based adventures with Max;

Resolution Number 6: I will not yell at other drivers, even when they’re doing stupid stuff;

Resolution Number 7: I will speak to one person I don’t know a week (apparently, I took my parents’ admontion to not speak to strangers a little too much to heart, and thus find myself actually angry at people who try to engage me in conversation);

Resolution Number 8: I will run in an organized race-thingy of some sort (this one is vague because I don’t even own running shoes right now. I’m down to a pair of sandals that I wear constantly – best $12 I ever spent);

Resolution Number 9: I will participate in more school activities, even though the other parents make me nervous;

Resolution Number 10: I will go on an adventure.

Stay tuned for updates! I promise there will be knitting tomorrow (probably about 200 words worth!).


One thought on “Resolute

  1. helena says:

    hrm…well, a picture is worth a THOUSAND words, so you might not need any extra words if your knitting post includes pictures! 🙂

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