Hey Look!

I can get to my photos via Picasa now…

Two Turkish Socks, in slightly different color combinations

…and even though the picture doesn’t show up in the WordPress editor (which is weird) while I’m on the iPad, it does show up on the blog, which I suppose is good enough.

Yesterday I finished a giant version of the Habitat Hat for one of the girls’ friends at school. I hope that he a) likes it; and b) isn’t offended if I made it way too big. I’m actually a little nervous about letting them give it to him, as I’d hate to hurt his feelings.

After I finished the hat, I was at a loss as to what to do next. This would be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that I desperately needed to go grocery shopping, and was in the midst of doing laundry, not to mention that the little table I’ve been using as a staging area for my knitting has become quite overrun with projects and swatches and knitting needles running amok.

You think I took one of those many tasks on, don’t you? Or that I at least started on one of the many pairs of socks that I’m slated to knit this year? Oh, you don’t know me at all… Instead, I started knitting the Sweet Fern Mitts from “The Knitters Book of Wool” by Clara Parkes (I’ll toss a picture in when I get home). Last year when Sami went on her 8th grade trip to the east coast, she brought me back, as a souvenir, a skein of lovely gray yarn. I’ve been moving it around in my yarn chest since she gave it to me, trying to figure out a perfect project that wouldn’t require more than this single skein. Well, these mitts are it. The yarn is fairly “crunchy”, and doesn’t have a bit of stretch to it, but my hands will be warn. I finished the first mitt today, and will hopefully be able to do the second one by tomorrow.

After that, I swear I’ll knit socks…


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