Oh Yeah!

Yay! I win! I win!

These are the Windjammer Socks from “The Knitter’s Book of Wool”. I used size 3 needles and Stroll Tonal Sock yarn from Knit Picks

It was getting a little dicey there toward the end, and I wasn’t sure I’d ever finish these socks. But last night I went to the bookstore and knit and knit… I had promised myself that I wouldn’t leave until the socks were done. Then, two tragic things happened.

The first was that I’d miscalculated how many cable crosses I had left. I thought I only had to do three more. As it turned out, I had 7 left. Oops. So much for my math skills!

The second was that, after completing 5 of the cable crosses, I found that I’d knit a hole into the pad of my right index finger. Ok, that’s maybe a little bit misleading. My new needles are soooo nice and pointy, which is an advantage when doing fancy stuff with my yarn. However, after a couple thousand stitches with my right index finger pressing on the tip to help slide the work to the front of the needle, the little piece of skin that was constantly being poked finally gave up and split. Not a lot. Not enough to bleed, or even look gross. But enough that it hurt when I’d accidentally poke it again.

So after just an hour or so I returned home, sock still not finished, to apply a bandage to my poor finger. Knitting with a bandage on your finger is like trying to sing with a mouth full of red hots, or walk while wearing ski boots. It’s possible, but it just doesn’t feel right. My knitting speed took a serious hit, and even though I worked until nearly 1:00am I still hadn’t finished, and I went to bed with unfocused eyes, crampy fingers, and the toe to finish.

But this morning, after several false starts involving children who wanted to eat (again) and phone calls and laundry buzzers, I finished.

This is a gratuitous shot of the pattern, because I’m so glad they’re done

My next project will be on big, blunt needles to give my finger a chance to heal!


One thought on “Oh Yeah!

  1. Clara says:

    Beautiful, beautiful socks! Bravo, well done!

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