The longest socks…

My newest project is a pair of kilt hose (knee socks) for the lovely Miss Jojo. It took me a while to build up the courage to start these; she hadn’t really requested knee socks, and knitting on something that a) might not be wanted; and b) I end up hating makes me miserable and cranky. I needed to be sure that this was really a project I was ready to take on, especially right on the heels (ha!) of three other pair of socks.

(This photo is from the “Think Outside the SOX” winning entry site)

I already had the yarn (or at least, I thought I did; it turns out I grossly underestimated how much I would need) and a pattern picked out, and as soon as I’d finished the purple socks, I cast on for these. After a few false starts where I first followed the directions, then adjusted because Jojo’s leg was skinnier than the pattern was written to accommodate, then adjusted again because the sock I was knitting was going to cut off her circulation, today I knit the heel flap and then turned the heel…and then had to stop, even though I had more than an hour of knitting time left before I had to pick anyone up, because I’d forgotten to grab another skein of yarn (as well as my badge and wallet) when I left the house this morning.

It turns out that knee socks aren’t so horrible to knit. I recently read (and I wish I could remember where I read it) that knee socks aren’t as long as a sweater sleeve, and sleeves don’t scare me. Plus, I’m using sport-weight yarn, which makes it go a little faster (the pattern actually calls for using two strands of fine sock yarn held together, but I’m not coordinated enough to do that for any length of time).

I have enough yarn to finish this first sock, and get a good start on the second one, but I need to order a couple more skeins. Luckily, if I run out before the additional skeins arrive, I have other projects already on the needles to tide me over.


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