I can’t believe it fit!

I finished the first of Jojo’s Kilt Hose on Friday morning, and was amazed that, when she tried them on

they fit!

Lace Me Up Kilt Hose from “Think Outside the Sox”

That’s 28 inches of sock there, people! Sometimes I wish my children could have stayed short, like this one:

Max says, “HI!!”

I’ll start the second sock for Jojo as soon as I place my order for 2 more balls of yarn. Until then, I’m working on these

Hedera socks from knit. sock. love. by Cookie A. Knit using Stroll Hand Painted sock yarn in Make Believe and size 2 needles

After I post this, I swear I’ll go onto Knit Picks and order the rest of the yarn for Jojo’s socks. The first one was fun and pretty quick – as far as socks go – to knit, and I’m excited to have her wear them, although we may have to wait until next year, as summer arrived spontaneously last week (no spring for us; just a quick shift from cold to hot). I’ve had the yarn selected for days now, but never seem to have my wallet and my computer coexisting in the same spot. But I can see my wallet now from where I’m sitting…


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